Kathy Heine Overfield is the eldest of five children of former Baker, Louisiana Mayor Pete Heine and his late wife, Georgia Pilcher Heine. Mrs. Heine was pregnant with Kathy when she herself was the pianist for the First Baptist Church in Baker, LA (where Kathy would later serve in her life for 9 years). She has four brothers: Steve (who passed away August 5, 2002), Chuck, Lee (who passed away January 31, 2011), and Scooter.

The early piano years of Kathy Heine Overfield were anything but Mozart-esque, as she did not take to the piano as readily as everyone would like to think. Her first piano lessons were at the age of eight, held in a little room behind the auditorium of Bakerfield Elementary in Baker, LA. Like many new piano students, the idea of taking lessons seemed fun at the time. Shortly thereafter, the novelty waned and she discovered that she hated piano lessons, wanted no part of them, and was determined to quit. Miss Georgia, however, had other plans for Kathy, and no intentions of letting her give up. Kathy would cry the entire way to piano lessons, and as her Mom would shoo her out of the car she would say “dry it up, you are not quitting.” Undaunted, Kathy would hide her piano books, only to have her Mom solve that problem and just buy more. Kathy’s Mom was determined to see her daughter excel at her piano studies, despite her defiant stance. Her desire was even more fueled by the fact that her piano instructors would report that she did indeed possess a “special talent” for the piano. After she resigned herself to taking lessons and discovered that it wasn’t so bad after all, she had the misfortune of multiple teachers moving or quitting. Regardless, Mom and daughter pressed on in their joint pursuit to develop Kathy’s God-given skills in music. At that age Kathy could not have seen that the Lord was using her Mom to keep her in something that would later become a huge part of her life and her passion. Kathy's mom passed away on December 12, 2006.

Kathy is employed by the Zachary Community Schools as a para-professional at Zachary Early Learning Center. Kathy has studied at Louisiana College and LSU. She has attended workshops with Mark Hayes, Stephen Nielson, Ovid Young and Willis Deloney.

Kathy plays professionally at the request of brides, party-planning coordinators, and anyone wishing to add an elegant touch to their event. Kathy’s performance experience includes: Louisiana State Museum, Baker Little Theatre, Baker, LA; Baton Rouge Little Theatre; Baton Rouge, LA; Aubin Lane Dinner Playhouse; Camelot Dinner Club; Governor’s Mansion; Hemingbough, St. Francisville, LA; New Orleans Hilton, New Orleans, LA, and other private establishments in Louisiana.

Kathy possesses 37 years of private piano teaching experience. Her credits include teaching at: Bakerfield Elementary, Baker, LA; Brownsfield Baptist Academy, Baton Rouge, LA, Agapeland Daycare, Baker, LA, and Galilee Baptist Academy, Zachary, LA. 2006 marked the first year teaching four-year-olds with great success. From the very young to the young-at-heart, Kathy’s students also reach to the adult level, where she gains much satisfaction from their learning and personal growth. This year also introduced a new program where students piano playing are recorded to CD for them to have and share with their family and loved ones.

She is a member of the Louisiana Federation of Music Clubs (LFMC) as "Kathy's Keyboards". Her private piano students participate yearly in the LFMC festivals in the Solo Division to work toward gold cups. She holds her own Christmas and Hymn festivals each year where the students work toward gold medals.

Kathy operates a home studio for private piano students. She has been the pianist/organist at Plains Presbyterian Church in Zachary, LA since June of 2008, serving with her mentor, friend (and high school choir director), Tom Jones.

Kathy is married to Glenn Overfield from Arizona, and has two beautiful daughters: Hallie and Tommie.

Kathy loves the excitement of seeing both piano students and music students grow and progress with their music. She thanks God every day for the talent that she knows is truly a gift from Him.

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